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Blue Cruise Voyage


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Blue Cruise Destinations

Blue Cruise Destinations

These are just a few of the popular Blue Cruise anchoring sites on the Turkish Turquoise Coast:

The Village of Kaleköy in the Kekova region was once home to the ancient city of Simena. The name translates to “Castle Village”.  Today´s Kaleköy is home to a few pensions and cafes, situated on beautiful clear seawater with just one small dock. It lies among the ruiıns of a Lycian necropolis, now partially sunken, dating to the 2nd century AD. This village is accessible only on foot or by boat from Üçağız. At the top of the hill is the namesake castle, a remnant of Byzantine rule, built to hold the area against the pirates that frequented these shores.

The Town of Dalyan  is an important departure point for tours to two world-famous destinations. The archaeological site at Kaunos features findings dating back to the 9th century BC. There is a great deal of well-preserved architechture in both Roman and Hellenistic styles. Also in the area is Caretta Caretta İztuzu beach. The Caretta Caretta turtles, also known as Loggerhead Sea Turtles, come this area every year to dig in and lay their eggs in the sand.

The Twelve Islands of the Fethiye Gulf are a must-see for any Blue Cruise. These lie just outside the circular harbour of Göcek. Most notable among these are Tersane Island (see entry below) and Kizilada (The Red Island) where the setting sun gives the earth a stunning crimson luminescence. For more reading on the twelve islands please visit GoFethiye.

Tersane Island is also known as Dockyard. It was once a stopping point for boats in need of repair. This is the largest of the twelve islands and there are many charming coves and bays around the perimeter. If you choose to make the hike to the top, the view is stunning.

Hamam Bay or Cleopatra´s Baths is a popular stopping point on the Blue Cruise. Legend has it that Marc Antony made a gift of the Turkish Turquoise Coast to Cleopatra, and upon her arrival she swam in these waters. The beauty queens must be sure to swim here – perhaps the water still hold some benefifial magic!

Bedri Rahmi Bay is named for a famous Turkish painter and poet of the mid-20th century. During one of his Blue Voyages, Bedri Rahmi Eyöboğlu painted a fish on a large rock in this bay, and it still welcomes travelers into Tasyaka Cove, across from Tersane Island. This area of the Fethiye Gulf features hillsides covered in beautiful green pine forest and rock tombs, as well as the only spring of drinking water in the region.

Aga Limani Bay is a nice cove for swimming and offers the chance to be among ancient Byzantine ruins, including a road all the way to the top of the mountain. For more information, click here.

Food and Drink

Food and DrinkKasapoğlu Yachting believes that food and drink are crucially important parts of life, on land or at sea, and we make every effort to satisfy your appetites and your gastronomic curiosity. Each yacht travels with a chef, who will produce from the galley three meals daily in the Turkish style, and usually an afternoon tea. Shopping is done in advance, but we replenish fresh foods (fruits and vegetables) once or twice in the course of the journey when we put into port at a town or city.

Meals are served family-style onboard, with the sea breeze and sunshine making every morsel taste truly divine. We know that you will devour the traditional flavours of Turkey, prepared by our chef with care and respect for your enjoyment.

We will eat plenty of Balık (fish), Salata (salad), and Ekmek (bread). For refreshment in the midafternoon there is nothing better than karpuz (watermelon). You will grow to love the pomegranate sauce traditional to this country and the many ways we use yogurt in our dishes. Turkish food is generally quite light and the hot days do not inspire gluttony, so many people lose a few pounds while on holiday here.

Each yacht also features an onboard bar and our staff will be to serve you drinks and cocktails throughout the day (not included in the price of the tour). The traditional alcoholic beverage of our country is Raki, a clear spirit with the flavor of anise, prepared from grapes or from figs. It is enjoyed straight, or with water or ice according to taste. It is best enjoyed with seafood, mezzes, or around a rakı sofrası (raki table) either before a full dinner or sometimes instead of it! This is an important part of Turkish culture, and we trust you will take advantage of every opportunity to toast: “Şerefe!”

The Blue Cruise in Turkey

Blue Cruise in TurkeyAny web search for holidays will bring up numerous references to the Blue Cruise in Turkey. This is a term from literature, popularized in the mid-20th century by a group of Turkish artists and poets who would sail out of Bodrum for Mavi Yolculuk (Blue Voyage) – a kind of seafaring intellectual party. This is not just a holiday – this is a historical voyage. We will visit sites that are only accessible from the water, as much of this coast used to be. The gulets themselves have evolved from the cargo schooners of days past.

These days, the Blue Cruise is a holiday preferred by many people from all over the world. Kasapoğlu Yachting has been providing customized yacht holidays for more than 20 years to both domestic and foreign tourists. The appeal of a mobile, water-borne hotel with full rooms and board for every passenger is unparallelled in the local tourism. There is no better way to spend your holidays than on a luxury yacht, always accompanied by a lucid and changing backdrop, with your every need attended to and no planning or organizing necessary.

The Mediterranean and Aegean Coasts of Turkey are saturated in diverse history – Byzantine, Greek, Roman, Ottoman, Carian and Lycian structures and remnants are numerous and easily accessible from the sea, but unaffected by modern civilization. The coves and bays of this coast are truly idyllic, and offer opportunities to see wildlife such as dolphins, flying fish and sea turtles. See our Sample Itineraries or the list of popular destinations to start thinking about what sort of tour is right for you.

Kasapoğlu Yachting offers custom-made Blue Cruises in the spirit of the abundant generosity of the Turkish people. These voyages are ideal for those seeking to experience a seaworld paradise, historical feast and beautiful landscape in perfect comfort.